Lowering the costs of healthcare networks

Health Connect Networks, the rural health care fund experts, can lower networking costs of primary and tertiary health care providers by 50%.

Cut network costs at least 50%

Our expertise in dealing with the Healthcare Connect Fund will cut your existing networking costs in half, while delivering the exceptional benefits of:

  • Private WAN networks
  • Internet connections
  • Internet2 and NLR connections
  • Secure data networks
  • High bandwidth networks
  • High speed reliable networks
  • Quality of Service networks
  • Scalable networks


Decrease meaningful use costs

With the increasing focus on demonstrating meaningful use and modernizing electronic health records (EHR) comes the increased cost of modernizing networks and fulfilling data requirements of new legislation. Our services will enable you to build networks required in the implementation of meaningful use regulation while cutting the costs of doing so.

Increase revenue opportunities

Tertiary care systems continue to invest capital into PACS, EHR and Telemedicine applications and technology. Revenue opportunities in selling and sharing these services with primary care facilities are often hindered by the lack of security, speed, and reliability of external data networks.

Health Connect Networks can demonstrate proven ways to build revenue streams by expanding
programs and services to primary care facilities on existing networks, new Internet connections or new private high speed reliable networks with cost savings of at least 50%.

Network scalability

We always need to find more bandwidth and faster speeds. While many discussions of improving speed, security, and reliability of data networks revolve around the needs of the moment, many questions often arise about the scalability of the network for future needs.

Health Connect Networks has the expertise and professional experience in the industry to properly design, purchase, and implement networks to allow for maximum future scalability.